theBlueLink is the Service Center par excellence. It is the link between the customer, its employees or end customers.  theBlueLink assists customers in the organization of their first line.

The team is responsible for collecting, registering and following up all requests and will assign them to the right party. A request will be handled in a structured and high-quality manner. The team will follow up the call from creation to solution. Excellent customer experience is our goal.

As the number of customers rises and the growth of our Service Center peaks, the complexity of the call handling grows rapidly. The quality of our services currently depends a lot on the knowledge and experience of our employees. To assists our coworkers in their tasks, we are investigating tools based on Artificial Intelligence, fe a chatbot or language interpretors. The use of artificial intelligence will help the Service Center support team in making better decisions and help customers even faster.


Agreements are made tailored to the customers’ needs and personalized contacts with end customers will be defined.

In addition to the regular call handling, the team also handles Service Requests. These requests are predefined procedures that can be carried out by theBlueLink team. The requests can be generic or customer-defined procedures.

All our services are managed using the ITIL methodology. We offer and measure Service, so the quality and timeliness of our service is guaranteed.