Our Outsourcing team is ready to assist your internal first line.  If you are in need for additional resources to strengthen your first line, we have consultants that fit your needs.  Our consultants are trained in our Service Center and carry out our knowledge and expertise. They are screened to easily adapt to the customers environment and to learn new procedures rapidly.


Hiring our outsourcing team is a win-win situation for both parties. Our staff will promote their knowledge and expertise to customers and thus enrich the customers’ organization. On the other hand, the additional experience they gather, can be shared within our Service Center team, optimising our services.


Additionally to this service, we also offer Service Center Coaching.  This type of consultancy investigates your first line.  We analyse your service, document your way of working and report on the strengths and weaknesses.  Recommendations for improvements will be given in order to improve your customer satisfaction.


What consultancy services do we offer today?

  • First line Service Center consultancy
  • Service Center coaching


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